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Follow our step by step system to make your picture mount.

Step 1 : Mount Colour

Number of mount layers -
Top Mount(mm)
Select Shape -
Select Unit -
Inside Mount Size :
Width mm
Height mm
Outside Frame Size :
Width mm
Height mm

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Mount border will expand the picture, making the frame bigger. The inside hole in the mount will stay the same as your entered measurements.

"How To Measure Picture Mount" Sample

Step By Step Guidance Notes

The following step by step guide is for Just Picture Mounts on their own, Ideal for replacing current picture mounts or filling odd areas in ready-made frames you may have.

The mount will make your frame size bigger and you can choose from a single mount or double mount. The mount will enhance your artwork making your picture stand out more and pick out certain colours and shades in your picture. There is also an option for how many layers you want? This usually works with a top layer and thin layer for the bottom layer.

You can combine different colours for the top and bottom, better to play around with it and see what you think. There is adjustable button for the bottom layer where you press "left and right" to see the different thickness of the lower layer or manually enter the measurements you want all the way around or different on each edge. These measurements are in mm, cm and inches. You can also choose the mount shape to be rectangle, square or oval.

Select your mount colour, decide if you want single or double mount and choose your shape rectangle or oval.

Enter the inside opening size of your picture. Make sure this is the exact size as we will automatically take off 5mm on each edge.

Enter the outside frame size measurements in mm, cm or inches; this is the back of the frame or the glass inside the frame.

Extras. If you require picture hooks, hanging system, tape all the finishing products to complete your frame when delivered.

Review the whole process with a breakdown of cost and Pay when happy.

Delivered to your door within 1-3 Days.
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