Multiple Picture Frames

Follow our step by step system to make your multi aperture frame.

Step 1 : Select Multi Aperture Sizes

Mount openings will be small( 5mm ) all the way, so you can put your picture.
Customize aperture sizes and shapes of all the images here.

Customize individual aperture sizes and shapes.

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Step By Step Guidance Notes

If can be difficult to find multi aperture picture frames online or on the high-street. We have developed a unique easy step by step solution, which allows you to enter 16 different sizes into one frame. Each aperture size can be the same or different sizes and you can put them in any order you like.

    We have the following Unique Options:
  • Choose rectangle, square or oval openings
  • Choose single of double mount options
  • Over 30 different mount colours to choose from
  • 100s of picture frame mouldings to choose from
  • Choose the perfect combinations of layouts with the frames and mounts.
  • Allows up to 16 different openings
  • Choice of landscape or portrait orientation

Our multi aperture picture frames can be the centre piece in a room, with the right choice of mount, frame design and picture mount combination.

The easiest way is to lay all your pictures you want to mount into the multi aperture frame onto a table. See how the look and play around with them until you like the combinations of your favourite pictures or photos on the wall landscape or portrait. Then simply measure each picture and enter the measurements into our online multi aperture frame system, which will generate a centralised opening for all your pictures.

Select the number of openings top and bottom by clicking “Layout/Apertures” Click how many openings you would like? Once you have chosen press “apply now”

    You now have the following two options:
  • If all the openings aperture sizes are the same?, enter in the main first box your sizes width and height measurements then press “Update All” the online system will automatically give you the same sizes for each opening rectangle, square, oval or round shapes.
  • If the aperture openings are different sizes? You can enter different sizes in the individual boxes shown above. For Example if you have chosen 9 opening boxes, the system will show 9 different boxes which can be altered to size and shapes.

You can also change the shapes of the opening aperture mounts after you have entered you measurements. I.e. Oval, Round, Rectangle and Square.

Once the layout has been completed, Move to step 2

Choose your mount colour :

As you can see your layout aperture openings are showing. You can select from many colours of mounts. There is a choice of double or single mount. If you choose a double mount you can adjust the thickness of the top and bottom layer of the mount by clicking on the right or left arrows to make slimmer of wider. For a single mount simply select the single button and the same process for adjustment.

Select the picture frame around the multi aperture layout you have created. We have 100s of stylish modern designs in stock. Or if just require the multi aperture mount then click “no frame required”

Polycore is Recycled polystyrene good quality picture moulding material.

Our Wood range moulding are from companies that purchase their timber from sustainable sources and reforestation projects.

Choose your glass glazing. We send our Perspex glazing on all orders; this is much lighter and safer than glass. If you are framing an oil painting, then you don't require a Perspex glazing front.

Extras. If you require picture hooks, hanging system, tape all the finishing products to complete your frame when delivered.

Review the whole process with a breakdown of cost and Pay when happy.

Delivered to your door within 1-3 Days.
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