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Tap into the unlimited potential of AWS certified associates with best-in-class services.

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We work with businesses in a win-win model and provide opportunities for mutual growth.


No need to hire an in-house cloud engineer

We know hiring a new team member has its own pros and cons. For AWS, it’s always difficult to find good and certified engineers that are ready to work from day one. You do not have to hire an in-house team and increase your overhead costs. You just have to subscribe with one click and it’s all done.


Our team works as your team - Virtually

You can assign your company’s email address to our AWS associates and they will represent you for your client. Our AWS certified associates will work closely with your internal team as and when required.


You win the clients’ trust

Our associates work directly for your client on your behalf and you can introduce as your team. In this way, you already have a team of in-house AWS certified experts which adds value and helps you win the clients’ trust.


Retain your clients

You have an excellent development team, but in-case clients want to migrate or require support for managing AWS cloud then you are in a tight spot. If you do not have in-house AWS expert then the client must look outside. This may be a high risk for your business because it’s adding other company to the same project for which you worked very diligently.

Why Choose Us

Team of experinced AWS Certified associates.

Certified Associates

You do not have to worry about looking for certified associates for your client requirements.


We have an experienced team of AWS experts with diversified domain knowledge, ready to work as your team.

IP Protection

Our team works as your team and submits all client assets to you so that you will always be the owner of the project.


This is services in only meant for B2B, so the prices are very competitive and you can choose as per your need.

Registered AWS Partner

We are an official AWS consulting partner. So its proven that our team recognized by AWS itself, so you can easily trust AWS’s judgement.

Work Reporting

We are happy to adapt to your project management system for easy reporting. Daily work report will always be provided by our associates.


We offer flexible B2B pricing based on required monthly efforts. You will get extra benefits with a fixed contract and advance payment.

Cloud is limitless. If you are looking for advance professional level or speciality level expertise like security audit, HIPPA compliance, Kubernetes etc. Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement.

About Us

Cloudb2b is offered by an enterprise for the enterprises.


Cloud - the next era

As we all know, cloud technology is playing a major role in digital transformation. All business have to adopt cloud tech today or tomorrow. There will be a massive demand for cloud engineers in the future, so considering the same fact Cloudserve Systems and Eternal Web Pvt Ltd - AWS Consulting Partner, decided to help agencies to fulfil the shortage of cloud engineers at the lowest possible cost.

Frequently asked Questions?

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Simply subscribe to the package as per your project requirements and resource will be provided to you as and when required.

Following the AWS philosophy, the more you use, the less you pay. With long term contracts, you get a considerable amount of consideration in price reduction.

We prefer using calendly for ease of scheduling the resources in advance. In case of emergency, you can drop us an email and we will respond to your request.

Yes, you create an email address and assign to our AWS engineer. Our AWS expert will represent your company and work as your own team.

No. Any of the above packages don’t include AWS development support. However, when required we will connect you with some of our AWS development partner.

If you are looking for advance professional level or speciality level expertise like security audit, HIPPA compliance, Kubernetes etc. Connect with us and we will arrange a consultant as per your specific requirement.

No refund. To make our services simple to consume, no refund request will be accepted or entertained. No refunds will be executed under any circumstances.

Simply email us when you want to terminate the contract. After your email, the contract will be terminated at the end of the same month.