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L129 A1 Sniper Support Weapon (FDE)

Field Dark Earth


The L129 A1 is categorized as a “Designated Marksman Rifle” (DMR), which places it between an assault rifle and a dedicated sniper rifle.


  • Schmidt & Bender 3 x 12 Scope
  • Mini reflex sight
  • Laser Light Module 001 (LLM 001)
  • Harris Bipod
  • Magpul mags
  • Display stand



The role of L129 A1 Sharpshooter in the British Army

Role 1

The marksman in an infantry section carries the L129 A1 'Sharpshooter Rifle'. It comes with an ACOG 6 X 48 which has a reflex sight attached to it. Both these sights offer the shooter the opportunity to either engage targets at greater distances or in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) should the need arise.

Role 2

The spotter of a two-man sniper team uses the L129 A1 'Sniper Support Weapon'. It comes with a Schmidt & Bender 3-12 x 50 Sniper Scope which is supplemented by the same mini reflex sight as the sharpshooter version for close quarters use.

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