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Hanroku Trooper Salt Black Edition (Regular)


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The Hanroku Trooper Salt Black Edition is being sold for less than the Red Hanroku Trooper. The Red Hanroku Trooper was created for Kickstarter in very small numbers, which is why the... read more


  • Accurate details and marking
  • Dagger
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Dak K7 Assult Rifle
  • Light up Helmet



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13 Project Salt Black

Hanroku Trooper Salt Black Edition

Saltblack Hanroku Troopers. (This figure is 7th Elite Saltblack Squad)
One of the Elite covert ops groups known as Saltback. During the 100 Day War the Saltblack were often deployed to eliminate high priority targets ahead of the main forces transported by thirteen man stealth shuttle.
Although regularly assisted by the airborne division the Saltblack had little regard for the inferior lower ranks, only acknowledging the infamous F`13 Gencore troopers as worthy equals.
The Saltblack played key roles in many of the bloody battles along side the genocide that encored such as the Battle of Maox and the Storming of the Vandover Facility.
At the end of the 100 Day War the number of Hanroku casualties were minimal and most of the troopers were recalled… several squads failed to return… one of which was the notorious 7th Elite Saltblack, presumed missing in action…………

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