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GALAC-TAC (Green Wolf Gear Exclusive)

Olive Drab

REF:GWG-004 (B)

This Galac-Tac Desert Raider is now available for pre-order, listed below in the feature section listed is some of the main items included on the figure.
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  • GALAC-TAC Armour
  • L119A1 Carbine
  • GLOCK 17 + Suppressor
  • L109 Hand Grenades
  • L132 Smoke Grenades
  • RGW-90 AS Anti Structure Munition Launcher





The GALAC-TAC Trooper is a license built figure on behalf of the GALAC-TAC company who produce the1/1scale helmet and the armour.
The Trooper is designed around a modern military Operator in an arid enviroment and his equipment and weapons are based on current military issue.
A Sci-fi twist has been incorporated in the form of the amour and helmet.

The figure will be available in two versions:

1. Version 1 (Tan).
2. Version 2 (Olive Drab) which will only be available to purchase directly from Green Wolf Gear.

Prototype Shown

The pre-order figure shown is a prototype. The finish of the final product will be identical to what is shown

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